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Why Local SEO Matters for Small Businesses

Local search provides an option through which search engines can deliver the most relevant search results to users. These are often rendered based on the location data that the business owner provides. The search engine will subsequently deliver the results which are near the user. If a user is searching for a bakery, for example,  the search engine will deliver the list of shops which are closest to the user based on the location data provided by the bakeries. But local SEO does not focus on the location information alone, several others factors are considered so as to deliver the most relevant and accurate searches.


Local search engine optimisation is particularly effective for the small businesses in Brisbane, because the competition is considerably smaller. You are competing with a small market of businesses which are situated within the same locale and this will guarantee you better visibility. As a result, the user is more likely to find your website and click on it since it offers the most relevant information, service, or product which they are looking for.

There are two main ways in which the local SEO Brisbane results are displayed to users. These can be displayed in a listings format or based on the new Google carousel. In the carousel format, the search results display comes in organic format or in the form of paid listings. These can also include a map that is plotted indicating the local destinations in the vicinity of the business. Sometimes, Google displays these in the form of an indented list which makes it easy to view some of the important information easily including the business address, the various customer reviews and the phone number.

How to Make Your Local SEO Strategy Work

Claim Your Business: The first step is to visit a dedicated website such as Google Places, and then sign in. Once you have done that, you will be prompted to enter all the details needed to create a listing for your business. Ensure that you have provided accurate and well optimized descriptions of your business and services.

Page Categorization: It is important to take special care when you are categorizing your business. When you are creating your page, you are going to be asked about the business category and it is important that you enter a very accurate one. Search engines may sometimes bypass ranking your websites in the local SERPs if it is not categorized at all or even incorrectly categorized. Once you have added the main or primary category for your business, you will be allowed to add nine more categories for your business and this will boost your online visibility when customers are looking for your products and services.

Consistency is Important: In order to succeed in local SEO, it is essential that the information you provide about your business is consistent across all channels on the web. For example, the name, address and phone number should be consistent across all channels and directory listings.

Good reviews: Encourage your customers to post reviews about your products and services. There are several strategies that you can apply in order to collect as many reviews as possible. Reviews are always showcased in the search engine results pages so it is important that you have lots of good ones.

Quality in-bound links: Have a qualitative link-building strategy for your business. These must come from very authoritative sources.

Hire a local SEO company: It is always advisable to entrust your SEO in the hands of experts. With local SEO, have a company that is local and familiar with your market.

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