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Here’s How Movie Watching at Home can be Made More Enjoyable

It is a fact that watching movies in a theater is a different experience. But with the crowd and long queue you’ll possibly contend with, setting up your own home theater and tinkering with a video cable and other audio-video equipment is likely to be a more enjoyable option.

Think of it as having a movie theater all to yourself.

Add in a popcorn machine and soda bar and you’re all set. You can even take it as far as making homemade cotton candies.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the cinema experience, watch films in the best way possible.

How do you do this exactly?

How to Better Enjoy Movie Watching at Home

Invest in a good audio-video setup

You don’t need to invest in an elaborate sound system or an 80-inch HDTV to make a good home theater setup, although you should splurge when possible. What you need is a TV big enough for the allocated space and a quality surround sound system for maximum enjoyment.

If you can only upgrade one thing, make sure you do so with your audio system. A sound bar is the least expensive option that offers high-quality sound output. Together with a subwoofer via an audio connector or a wireless version, you will get extra sound quality for less than what you’d pay for a full surround setup.

Improve sight lines

Where’s your favorite spot in a cinema? Is it the right way up the balcony, at the center, or four rows from the top?

For maximum enjoyment, you can recreate the same spot at home by improving the sight line. With SMPTE camera cables that can deliver power and multiplex audio-video signals even in long distances, you can re-arrange your TV setup to match your favorite spot in a movie theater. Click here 3D HD Gear for more information.

Just make sure that the video cable that connects your video player to the TV is long enough.

Now all you need is to re-arrange or move your furniture accordingly and you’re ready for the ultimate binge watching.

Ramp up lighting

To get that movie theater effect, you should invest in the right lighting. You don’t need to replace that fluorescent ambient lighting fixture but consider adding yellow lights with dimmer switches. If possible, automate lighting operation so you don’t need to get up from your seat to turn the light on or off during intermission or whenever the need arises.

With the audio-video equipment and lighting system set up, the next thing you need to do is to create that cinema atmosphere. This means implementing certain rules that must be followed when in the movies.

  • Ensure viewing comfort by asking family or friends to bring pillows or blankets when they come over. This is especially helpful if you have limited seating option.
  • Schedule an intermission to use the bathroom, refill snacks, or stretch your legs.
  • Prohibit the use of mobile phone while the film is on. How else can you enjoy an authentic experience without adding this particular rule? Besides, it’s annoying for lighted devices to constantly turn on and off while the show is running.

Ready to enjoy a cinema experience right at home? Get your audio-video equipment ready and get the sound and video cable you need from to get started.

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