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Construction Site Safety 101: Best Practices to Observe for Eyewash Stations

High-risk jobs like the one’s construction workers do need more supervisory support from their bosses. As an employer of manual construction labor workforce, you need to make sure that the working environment of your employees is suitable to avoid increasing the risk of danger. Accidents in the working site can lead to danger on both parties – to the employee with regards to their health and livelihood, and to you as an employer with regards to your business reputation. Fortunately, there are safety standards set by governing bodies that help maintain the safety of both employers and employees in the construction industry. If you are an employer starting a new construction business, this article talks about the emergency equipment you need to install to be able to comply with those standards. Listed below are the best practices you need to observe when installing, using, or maintaining an emergency eye wash station, general purpose spill kit, and all other emergency shower and eyewash equipment.


emergency eye wash station


The Essential Emergency Safety Shower Inspection Checklist


Keep the stations accessible to anyone at any time.


Always make sure that the doors of the emergency eye wash station and showers are accessible and open. Although most probably the showers and eyewash stations will be used infrequently, you need to make sure that whenever one will be needed, it is accessible to a rushing patient whose eye vision put on the line.


Always clear the surrounding area of the emergency eyewash station and safety showers.


Don’t allow any hindrances stored around the surrounding area of the safety equipment that might hinder or block the person from moving around in a hurry in the case of an accident. Also, the required water flushing time when someone is contaminated by harsh chemicals is 15 minutes, so make sure there aren’t any blockages that might get toppled down in the process. Click Absorb Enviro for more details.


Observe the water’s temperature and its source.


Water is essential to the function of any emergency chemical spill station, so always make sure the water that comes out of the showers and sinks are clean with a stable temperature. You need to strike a balance between having water that is too warm or too cold because if not, it can cause even more damage to the compromised employee.


Always maintain the cleanliness of the eyewash and safety shower after use.


Never fail to have the emergency flushing stations cleaned after every use. Actually, these stations need to be cleaned and maintained every week or so despite not having been used. Make sure to disinfect the washing stations properly and dry the fixtures like the hoses, sports, and tap covers so as to avoid rusting and other wear and tear damages.


Be careful and precise in installing the chemical flushing unit.


Make sure to follow the instructions included from the manufacturer of the emergency flushing stations. Everyone station is not the same. So always follow the exact installation instructions to avoid malfunctions and accidents, and to guarantee proper performance.


Never tinker and tamper with the emergency flushing station unit fixtures.


If the manufacturer’s instructions do not require you to replace or change the settings of a certain aspect, never attempt to change anything on the unit as to not affect the performance. See more at