Artificial Intelligence Around Us

by Yuri Iserlis

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    Most people in the world believe that Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a reality either in the very near future or at some point in the more distant future.  Regardless, many are afraid of this reality. The goal of this book is to prove that AI is already upon us. Every day, we enjoy the fruits of the work being done in this field, yet we are hardly aware of it. In fact, AI systems are everywhere around us, and many of these we encounter on a routine basis in our daily lives.

    All of us come into contact with Artificial Intelligence Applications every time we connect by telephone, receive medical treatment, get protection from fraud or identity theft, play computer games, or take advantage of various business support programs.  This book is intended to give the reader a better understanding what is currently going on around us, and why.


    This paperback has been written primarily for students and scholars, teachers and professors, researchers and engineers, system developers and communication users, investors, and any inquisitive and thinking person. Many readers may obtain great profits by studying the information presented here.


Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligent Systems;

Chapter 2: What kinds of Artificial  Intelligence Systems Do We Have?  Classification of AIS Applications;

Chapter 3: The Artificial Brain and  Simulation of Human Brain Functions;

Chapter 4: Expert Systems;

Chapter 5: Perception, Communication  and Recognition AIS;  

Chapter 6: Digital Simulation of Reality;

Chapter 7: Real and Virtual Robots;

Chapter 8: The Internet – A Global Brain.

    From this book, readers will learn what kinds of Artificial Intelligent Systems exist now, how and where to use computer-generated imagery, why some Internet shoppers can find themselves in the position of Buridan’s donkey, and why the Internet, as a “global brain”, has transformed this huge planet Earth into a very small world.  Readers will also find the definitions for many industry terms and phrases, including “intelligent house”, “intelligent SCADA and control system”, “robot and intelligent agent”, “expert or TRIZ system”, “implanted people and pets”, “indigo children”,  “artificial sensory organs”, “perception and communication systems”, “virtual and augmented realities”, “wiki”, and “six degrees of separation”, to name just a few.

    This book is based on the System Approach, which enables classification of existing Artificial Intelligence Systems from different points of view.

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Publisher: Bookstand Publishing

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 Artificial Intelligence Exists! Step by step, with examples and in very clear manner Yuri Iserlis proves the subject. We have to understand that all particles of it are already exist. The Book is well indexed and written in natural manner. This Book can be used for school or university students and because of the amount of information and wide coverage can also be useful for professionals from different fields that involve any kind of automation. In modern times many of development projects are just integration to existing technologies. This Book is good for learning about present technologies, future developments and contacts between them.

Alex Dimkin

             During a long time I would like to understand and may to start to carry out some research in the field of artificial intelligence. However, the books and articles that I try to read have been to difficult for the beginner. Sometimes ago, I find book, written by Mr. Y. Iserlis “Artificial Intelligence Around Us”. Clearly written eight chapters of the book draw very wide world of artificial intelligence and its applications. I may strongly recommend to everyone who would like to acquaint himself with artificial intelligence and its problems to read this book.

Michael A. Slonim,

Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva ,   Israel   

I really enjoyed this book. It is very accessible and provides a solid survey of different branches of artificial intelligence. Yuri Iserlis introduces the reader to the different applications of AI technologies as well as providing numerous illustrations of the integration of artificial intelligence into various commercial and research efforts. There are no prerequisites to being able to benefit from this book - all the concepts are developed as needed within the text.

Mr. H. Rosen

 Artificial intelligence already exists in today's world, and has forever changed it. "Artificial Intelligence Around Us" discusses artificial intelligence and its impact on today's world and the near future. Discussing how deep artificial intelligence has taken root in today's world and its countless applications, and how it will keep changing the future, "Artificial Intelligence Around Us" is a top pick for those who want to truly understand artificial intelligence.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chiev

The Midwest Book Review

             This book is very important and interesting because problem of artificial intelligence is actual for our time.

Mikhail Shapiro, scientist

Ettel Shapiro, engineer

             Although the writer's primary purpose for writing this book was to provide a study text for students and professors, it is also a good source of general information for anyone. It sparks your mind and makes you think. Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is inquisitive, open minded, and wants to broaden their horizons.

 Irina Connic

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